Our dedicated Life Insurance Customer Manager is focused on understanding the nature of the claims each insurer / team are managing and working with them to tailor services to support achievement of sustainable outcomes.

We recognise that the largest proportion of Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma or Total Permanent Disability claims stem from Psychological conditions, Cancer diagnoses and complex Musculoskeletal injuries and have developed our rehabilitation model to suit these specific conditions as well as the myriad of conditions covered under these policies.

Our experienced, consultants understand the unique needs of Life Insurance members to support them to achieve their goals using a holistic, and client-centred approach. We focus on understanding the member, the challenges they are facing to looking at innovative strategies to facilitate achievement of their wellbeing, health, social and vocational goals.

Life Insurance Services include:

  • Assessment Services: PHSA provide a range of one-off assessments, as well as assessments to identify the needs of members to ensure appropriate service provision. Assessments are delivered by suitably qualified/experienced allied health professionals aligned to the needs of the assessment.
  • Initial Needs Assessment; Vocational Assessment; Transferable Skills Analysis; Workplace Assessments; Functional Capacity Evaluation; Activities of Daily Living or domestic assistance assessments and include equipment recommendations where applicable.
  • Our range of allied health professionals include: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Rehabilitation Counsellors.
  • Return to work Case Management: Demonstrated results in assisting members to remain at or return to their pre-injury/illness job or to identify suitable new employment. Including providing a vital role in educating employers to understand conditions to enable appropriate support to their employees post diagnosis.
  • Job Seeking preparation: We have a dedicated team of Employment consultants to provide job seeking preparation services to support members to obtain new employment and be independent in job seeking.
  • Cancer and Care program: Designed to service participants diagnosed with Cancer and their family members throughout all phases of their disease from diagnosis, return to work through to end of life planning.
  • Active Wellbeing Program™: An innovative approach to the management of participants with chronic injury / illness. The Active Wellbeing Program provides the necessary life tools to promote wellbeing at home, in the community and at work.
  • Links – Social Work Services: PHSA Social Workers understand the complexities of living with an illness or injury and the impact that can have on a person’s life. They provide key support to members and their family during times of need, linking them in with community/government support services to ensure their support during and beyond their claim.
  • Employability Assessments: We utilise experienced forensic vocational assessors to conduct Employability Assessments. PHSA Employability Assessors are renowned for their quality, timely reports.