PHSA delivers a wide range of services to participants engaged with the NDIS. We can work with your program coordinator, fund manager or directly with you, yourself, to provide services to assist you to live your best life. Some of our most recognised services include:

  • Functional Assessments: These assessments provide the NDIS and your plan manager with an overall understanding of your daily living, the activities that you participate in, the strengths you demonstrate, the challenges you face and the goals you would like to achieve. These assessments identify strategies, equipment and services that can help you capitalise on your strengths and achieve your goals and the report that PHSA provides detailing this will assist with your funding allocation as well as with justifying funding spending.
  • Supported Independent Living Assessments: PHSA’s SIL Assessments utilise observation, discussion and application of standardised testing to assist with the identification of functional abilities and individual support needs related to the impact disability has on daily function. The report provided outlines the type and level of support required by the participant and goals for increased independence and participation in daily activities, providing insights into appropriate accommodation options and support needs required for the successful implementation of these options.
  • Assistive Technology – Assistive Technology Assessments utilise the participant’s identified goals to identify appropriate equipment items that would provide the best supports to assist the participant to capitalise on their strengths, increase their independence and achieve their goals. The Occupational Therapist conducting the assessment will listen to the participants experiences and needs and help identify the most effective equipment items, they will facilitate a trial of the items wherever possible and provide a report to the NDIS to enable funding.
  • Vocational services – PHSA has specialist services to assist participants to identify vocational pathways to capitalise on their strengths, regard their functional abilities considerate of their disability, and assist with achievement of the participant’s goals. PHSA will conduct appropriate assessments to identify support needs to achieve these pathways, and assist with ensuring the participant has the skills and tools to be competitive in the pursuit of the vocational goal. PHSA will provide support in jobseeking, and ensure that all the resources needed for the participant to succeed are implemented.